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ALLNATIONS:-Team supporting local leaders in provision of free services to the disadvantaged of village urban and rural communities. Team organizing and contributing in day-to-day computational thinking conversations. Model solutions development team.
GOVERNANCE:-Strategy team. Top leadership team. Ministerial & agency team. Local government team. Grassroots team. Media team. Civil society team. Private sector team.
SECURITY:-Security team. Safety team. Emergency team. Sovereignty team. Foreign affairs team. Refugees team. Disasters team.
ENVIRONMENT:-Nature team. Environment team. Wild life team. Agriculture team. Food security team. Animal Resources team. Health team. Land team. Water team. Energy production team. Forestry team. Climate change team. Nutrition team. Cooperatives team. Rural support team.
WORKS:-Laboratory team. Analysis team. Design team. Construction team. Maintenance team. Urban planning team. Roads team. Airports team. Telecoms team. Systems team.
TRADE:-Economic planning team. F
inance team. Trade team. Taxation team. Investments team. Banking team. Insurance team. Tourism destination marketing team.
ducation planning team. Capacity building team. Civil service team. Culture team. Sports team. Youth team. Gender team. Academic team. IT team.
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ALLNATIONS:-AllNations is an Agile IT Solutions (Development...) Company that subscribes to the maker movement manifesto. We own solutions that support grassroots based national voluntary work in diverse work teams - manual to concept conversations in Computational Thinking. 
GOVERNANCE:-Menus reserved for "Top Leadership" and "Grassroots" including Territorial and Local Governments at those levels. Non-governmental organizations, religious institutions and non-profit concerns constitute a bulk of the service teams in this domain. Work and services are largely humanitarian, informational and free.
SECURITY:-Organizations in Security, Safety, Emergencies, Sovereignty, Foreign Affairs, Refugees and Disasters everywhere and anytime. Work/Service teams composed of multiple institutions in very often complex governance domain settings!
ENVIRONMENT:-Work/Service teams are very often professionals and leaders in Nature, Wild Life, Agriculture, Animal Resources, Health, Land, Water, Energy Production, Forestry, Climate Change, Nutrition, Cooperatives, Rural Support & Food Security organizations.
WORKS:-Organizations and People who create, construct and maintain economic and social infrastructure including economic and urban planning, buildings, roads, airports, telecom antennas, fiber-optic trenches and systems of all kinds. Work/Service teams are led by engineers, economists and artisans.
TRADE:-Organizations, teams and roles of people in finance, trade, domestic and international - including taxation. Matters of money and transactions of all kinds. Investments, banking, insurance, tourism destination marketing, money transfers etc. Work/Service teams include economists, commerce professionals, business people and much of what is called business in private sector.
EDUCATION:-Organizations, teams and roles in education, capacity building, civil service, culture, sports, youth, gender, and very often IT include formal education and academic institution professionals and stakeholders. Work/Service teams focus on the primacy, application and development of the human resource.

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