Primary Aim

My Answers…

  1. To live with PASSION and PURPOSE everyday.
  2. To live SOLD OUT to Jesus Christ and for the GLORY of God.
  3. To ALWAYS stand up for others and respond to hate with LOVE.
  4. To LOVE, support, honor and cherish my WIFE.
  5. To be a GREAT husband, father, provider and protector of my family.
  6. To be a WILDLY successful entrepreneur and businessman.
  7. To be HEALTHY, ACTIVE and take care of my body.
  8. To be the most ENCOURAGING and uplifting person I know.
  9. To always be LEARNING, never give up, and ALWAYS give my absolute best.
  10. To live with true FINANCIAL FREEDOM and give my family the best options available.
All Who Will Be Working In/With/On AllNations Direct Will Be Grilled In This!