Individuals need connections for modern lifestyles in leisure and work. Organizations and teams need connections to start, survive, thrive and make money for themselves, their communities and nations.


To use available connections, you need computers. They are called by many names; gadgets, devices, PCs, laptops, desktops, smart phones... Companies, around the corner sell them, you can buy one on line. Some (Year 2017) go for as low as USD $ 100. Secondhand equipment could even be cheaper.

I.S.Ps & Telcos

Telecommunication companies (Telcos) make connections available. Internet Service Providers do the same. Some government, civil society and customer-centric enterprises provide free connectivity at select locations and times. Internet Cafes bundle computer and connectivity and charge a rate; - say USD $ 0.50 per hour.


But to where or to whom do you wish to connect? Family and friends, workmates, service providers, internet, small private networks... Interestingly, you need to connect to alll! You hear people talking of Fiber-optic cables, Servers, LAN, WAN, Internet, Antennas and Satellites - in physical form they may all look the same and/or very different, be visible and/or invisible to the naked eye. In reality however, they are information installations, tools and technologies that make connections possible and almost always terminate at and/or transit some datacenter or network server.