In modern computing, especially web computing, content is King; Data is indeed King! Content is Data in stories, pictures, figures, formulas, videos, information, news, data, knowledge, expressions, wisdom, emotions, messages, sound, voice, thoughts - actually content is "Alll" and that is why we call it King!


The next big term is the system. An organization could even claim to have her own system. Computer system, Hardware system, Operating system, Software system, Information system, Emergency system... A system is usually a large entity or idea, understandable but complex! People, Networks, Databases, Processes, Interpreters, Decisions - are all entity systems that are systems in their own right. Systems create, process and consume data - content.


Within systems, entities exchange (give/take) value and relation. This exchange of value and relation is what is referred to as "Service". Organizations may be created for other motives, but within and outside their systems, they always transact value and relation. They will structure themselves (create departments and sections and units...) and hire people of all trades and talents to make this good!


The value and relation in services are usually difficult to realize and establish. Computer applications, sometimes known as programs are studied, designed and built within systems of organizations to realize value and/or establish a relation and/or effect transactions in the process. These applications perform simple or complex tasks specific to an organization/system requirement. Applications, when well studied, designed and built, enhance manual operations in hundred/thousand/million fold magnitudes, thanks to computational thinking and digital workplaces (Internet, Extranet and Intranet). 


Information is Data, Knowledge, Lore, Wisdom, Fact, Intelligence. Simpler put, information is news or knowledge received/given. The values realized and relationships established in service creation and provision are very often "informational" these days. Information is very fast replacing money as a factor of production and medium of exchange.

Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking "CT": Formulating strategies, problems or solutions in a way that enables us to use a computer and other tools to help implement, solve or scale them respectively.