Register oneself

To join, support and/or engage us (AllNations), or simply to appear in your national directories, you need an identity. As a minimum, your identity will include your names as registered and an email address that is not shared. Better still, you will have your identity picture on our networks as well - passport size. Best still, on initial joining, a profile that describes who you are, what you do and who you represent will pay/benefit us in measures of trust as we transact and relate in our day-to-day dealings and online.

If you are an individual who does not claim being a child or a student, but who wishes to lead (contribute/sacrifice...) to their own communities' well being, through voluntary work (real work...), or Computational Thinking (CT-critical thinking...), with or without an active affiliation to an organization, use this form "Register Self" on this page.

As soon as your identity and your community are received, well mapped and regarded as "existing..." we shall publish details to some public authority within which your community/communities are found for further verification.

Applications for listing in national directory