Solutions development team

To join, support and/or engage us (AllNations), or simply to appear in your national directories, you need an identity. As a minimum, your identity will include your names as registered and an email address that is not shared. Better still, you will have your identity picture on our networks as well - passport size. Best still, on initial joining, a profile that describes who you are, what you do and who you represent will pay/benefit us in measures of trust as we transact and relate in our day-to-day dealings and online.

Solutions development, just like other complex undertakings, require all's participation ! (1) - Architects and Domain Mentors own, initiate, relate, size, direct, advise... on Solutions Development; (2) - Requirements Analysts observe, find, capture, fish... what may be problems, issues, weaknesses..., and help to conjure solutions to such weaknesses, issues or problems; (3) - Design: Solutions are either goods and services, entities, artifacts, processes, contexts... etc... All that need defining, identifying..., in words, in pictures, in drawings, in movies..., and that representation - always preceded by critical-thinking is what one may call "Design"; (4) - Code or Build: However, for computers to be at our service, we need to "program" or "code" them. In more commonly used terms, we build instructions for them to interpret and deliver or consume as pre-programmed !; (5) - System Integration: For old and new systems to work together, for uninterrupted and smooth transition from one stage/state to another, we need integration; (6) - Testing: For any new computer system application to be applied to real problems, it must be tested over and over again under differing workloads, uncommon operators or users and operational contexts; (7) - Deployment: Whatever system you build needs to run and function properly in networks and fit well into the greater and lesser systems within which it is situated. This requires what is known as deployment; and (8) Students: Each and every working system provides an ideal atmosphere for knowledge and skill transfer - hence attracting students and apprentices in all domains including application development.

Expression of interest to participate in IT solutions development