Government Ministries

Government ministry organizations are sometimes known as "secretary" offices, senior minister offices, junior minister offices, state minister offices, deputy minister offices. The organisation of a ministry and their role centers on a major concern like a sector, an industry, or a cluster of concerns, sectors and industries...


Missions of Ministerial establishments under nature or environment are those that deal and labor, mostly with those matters of the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and most effectively secure the rights of the people and the rewards of their labor, promotes their happiness, and also provides for their collective will.

Example Ministerial "Environment or Nature" Organizations

The Ministry of Health, Food, Agriculture, Animal Resources, or Fisheries. The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, Wildlife or Similar, Land, Water and Minerals may also be found in such a cluster. Some include Rural Affairs and Social Care.

Father Organization

The Head of State Institution, or the Prime Minister's office, or the Cabinet.

Peer Organization(s)

Other ministerial establishments, mostly within a cabinet.

Child Organizations

Child organizations include Junior ministries, Agencies, Boards, Advisory organizations, Legal commissions, departments, sections, units and many others.

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