Government agency organizations may be referred to as state agency, appointed commission or take the name of a concern - like Intelligence, Taxation, Transport etc.. The organisation of an agency is very often an organic offshoot of a ministry, a department or even a higher organ of state like the institution of the Head of State or Prime minister.


Missions of Agency establishments under good governance are those that most effectively secure the rights of the people and the rewards of their labor, promotes their happiness, and also provides for their collective will in a more specific way than their parent organizations through provision of more focused oversight, regulatory and administrative functions and services.

Example Agency "Good Governance" Organizations

Agencies formed under parent ministry and higher organizational establishments. As a ministerial establishment grows, so will its agency portfolio for more focused functions and services - including standard and best practice setting for the private sector.

Father Organization

The Head of State Institution, or the Prime Minister's office, or the Cabinet, or the different ministerial establishments - by and large operate independently of father organizations and are linked to the constitution.

Peer Organization(s)

Depending on their agency functions, such organizations tend to operate across organizational boundaries and their reporting tends not to be limited to established hierarchies. Modern matrix management tends to favor such reporting.

Child Organizations

Child organizations include Boards, Advisory organizations, Legal commissions, departments, sections, units and many others.

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