Service 03: Activity Or Productivity Data Sites

Service Description

Service Definition:

It is at the lowest grassroots level organizations that each one of us belong. It is at the same levels that significant acts lead to significant activities (work) that generate significant data and ultimately important information that inform decisions and actions for all other organizations.
Sites are not Data/Information. They are containers of it. However, prerequisite security requirements are similar.
For each such grassroots organization (Village, School, Health Center, Court...), AllNations Direct will have one to carry directory information and documents incident to Umuganda only.

Information Security


  • Some Public and Some Private But All Available From Anywhere.


  • TO BE RESPONSIBLE: The Person who has decided or is assigned to do the work, OWNS it and is responsible for it but "MUST SHARE WITHIN" and apply a "VOLUNTEER SPIRIT". Work Need Not Be Complete - Could Be Work in Progress;
  • TO BE ACCOUNTABLE: The Person, located higher in the hierarchy or in upline organizations, who makes the final decision or takes validation or utility action resulting from DATA/INFORMATION generated at that level, and may even have the ultimate "Utility Ownership"; 
  • TO BE CONSULTED: The Information Owners, the Local Leaders and Local Managers, before a DECISION or ACTION is taken; and
  • TO BE INFORMED: The Person who is implicated, affected, moved... must be informed that a DECISION or ACTION has been taken.


  • Assured By Ownership & Monitoring Controls by those Accountable.



  • Because Data/Information generated is owned by the grassroots organization, access should be free - another freemium limited to this level. Access by all other users could fetch a fee - but this is for a different product.
    • This product is for design and development of a "Grassroots or Activity Data Site" inspired by our Directory site(s)


    • RWF. 50,000 per site. 1 Yr Free Maintenance Support (Volunteer Spirit) to Owners. Any modification requests or order will fetch RWF 20,000 thereafter.