Service 04: Portals & Extranet Access Sites

Service Description

Service Definition:

All Organizations above Grassroots Activity Sites would need extranet sites to link them with any other sites they may wish to create, have created, have partnership potential...
Allnations Direct creates such sites too, to carry Portal directed and Computational Thinking CT - as a subject. CT conversations are conducted for and by leaders and managers with IT techs professionals for conception and development of better IT solutions.

Information Security


  • To AllNations Direct Subscribers and All From Accessible From Anywhere.


  • Confidentiality is defined and controlled by customer's IT Policy.


  • Assured By Ownership & Monitored Controls by those Accountable.



  • Everyone needs access to activity grassroots organizations that generate most important data, so, outside the data ownership circle, access fetches a fee as mentioned in Product 03 above.
    • For this Product 04:, you choose another portal site from the remaining six (Society, Nature, Economy, Investment, Justice and External).


    • A subscription of RWF. 3,000 per month is collected each month at the anniversary to determine access to Grassroots and both Portals of Sites.