Service 07: Intranet Project and Development Support

Service Description

Service Definition:

A three year contract for architecture and development support to all "owners" at and of an organization to realize an Intranet for the ultimate elimination of paper and other legacy tools in management and administration

Information Security


  • Strictly To Customer's Full Staff, Shareholders & As Per Lawww.


  • Confidentiality is specified and configured by customer's IT Policy.


  • Integrity is specified and configured as per Information Profile and Document Retirement Policy.



  • Everyone needs access to downline and upline information or data, so provision of extranet-out and extranet-in is designed and built into the Intranet architecture.
    • For this Product 07, Partnership with Google and/Microsoft Partners is Imperative - The pricing excludes costs to such Partnerships.
    • For any organization, AllNations Direct supports their staff to realise an Intranet dream through our Web Network.


    • For a minimum staff size of 100, a subscription of RWF. 10,000 per month, to come to RWF. 1,000,000 per month, collected each month at the intranet' anniversary date up to at least a whole fiscal calendar year covering an annual plan implementation. Prices lower numbers of staff in organizations, higher rates are negotiated.