Role of Strategy! 

In thinking, work, reasons, purposes and sharing, we need networks. Internet(s), Extranet(s) and Intranet(s) are such networks that focus on such thinking, work, purposes and reasons... Sometimes, we at All Nations Rwanda engage our client organizations to share with us some bits and pieces of their strategy - we call this a desktop strategic plan review that results in a one or two page strategy focus artifact. Only then are we able to provision a reasonably usable intranet architecture that could get better and better as an organization evolves to maturity.
All Organizations need Strategy. Good strategy results from meticulous search of organizational insights that feed into a viable intra-organizational engagement. Only you, within your organization can create a viable strategy.
When you open yourself to us, we use computer applications (Apps) to share insights into what your organization could be/do - We need only 1 year to engage you as the leader(s) and the rest of us (staff, volunteers, AllNations...) as workers...
SERVICE 06: Metadata & App Development. See Details

SERVICE 06: Data Centric App Development is Done in Partnership With Google, Microsoft and AppSheet.

SERVICE 07: IT Security & Intranet Site Support. See Details

With a Small IT Team and a Small Budget, We Contract With You For 10 Hrs of Consultancy a Month for a Year to Deliver a Secure Intranet.