Service Description

Broad Communication Definition:

Communication is the imparting or exchange of of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. Also, Communication is a letter or message containing information or news. The successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings is too, Communication. Social Contact is synonymous with Communication. 
Related words that may facilitate comprehension in many languages and minds include: transmission, imparting, conveying, reporting, presenting, passing on, landing on, relay, conveyance, divulgence, divulgation, disclosure, spreading,dissemination, promulgation, broadcasting, circulation, circulating, 
message, statement, announcement, report, dispatch, communique, letter, bulletin, correspondence, news, word, information, intelligence, instructor, contact, dealings, relations, connection, association, communion, socializing, intercourse, social intercourse, social relations, interface, interchange, dialogue, talk, conversation, discussion, speaking, talking, charting, meeting, getting in touch.

...THEORY: A mathematical quantity expressing the probability of occurrence of a particular sequence of symbols, impulses, etc. as against that of alternative sequences.

COMPUTING:  Data as processed, stored, or transmitted by a computer.

COMPUTATIONAL THINKING: What is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things.

Service Benefit Distribution

The "Logical Wellness" Benefits

  • Generally All Within National Economies; &
  • Specifically, Authorities, Leaders & Managers - Performing.

This is How Partners Will Gain

  • Local Authorities - Making Sense of National Data, All Data;
  • Public Servants: As Leaders, Techies & Managers - Tools to Behold! As Individual Citizens, Transitions Between Schools, Positions, Jobs & Roles, From School to Retirement, Your Tools, Your Documents...;
  • Google, Microsoft & A Few Others, Great in the Cloud - Effectively Start Them Off In Rwanda, End Our Marketing Numbers Dilemma;
  • Universities, Colleges & Schools - The Facts, The Practical, The Practice, The Work Side Of Things;
  • RICTA, Telcos & Select IT Enterprises - A Continuously Growing Partnership Portfolio;
  • Independent Professionals & Techies - Jobs, Work...; and
  • The Occasional Startup Wizard - Availability of Startup Marketing & Operations(Production) Data

Other Benefits

  • To Civil & Public Servants, An Opportunity For More Transparency;
  • To Service Providers In Private Sector, A "No Objection" List Of Potential Clients That Could Be Improved Upon...;
  • To Startups, New Enterprises, Youngsters Transitioning To Adulthood Etc..., A Free & Simpler Announcement For "Market/Community" Entry;

Similar Products On The market:

  • Within & In Vicinity Of Contexts - The Old Information Desk;
  • Outside Context, Search on AllNations Portals, Partner Archives & APIs.; and
  • Innovations On the Markets, Very Little Beyond Google


  • Generally to Be Free To General Public;
  • Some to Be Free to Subscribers; and
  • Some to Call for Special Pricing on Consultations with Partners.