Job/Work/Employment Generation

Our Social Enterprise Program targets grassroots communities everywhere - especially in Africa. This, to engage everyone, all for social-economic development. If unregistered, please do so...

Opportunity/Job Creation Context

As institutions and organizations in HR development, innovation centers, higher education institutes and institutions, formal establishments in job creation, youth support organizations, trade and professional associations.., we make time and and open up, and utilize digital methods to create and support "Startups" in all fields and for all grassroots locations possible.

Where the organizations and institutions have mentor or domain/field specialists, they are released to support startups off and online.

Stakeholders to Job/Opportunity Creation activities are ministerial, agency and private sector establishments in production, service provision, employment, work, youth, career development and all those mentioned above.

Look at the context diagram below.

Employment/Career Generation Initiatives

All those in the business of job creation, including ecosystem organizations like Trade Associations, Regulatory Authorities, Information, Communications and Technology establishments are engaged and assisted to bring their work/job definition activities (Startups...) to the public arena and to advertise them to potential mentors, mentees and investors out there.

This site is used as a platform on which job/work ideas, innovations and public information on them (startups and their performances) are freely shared.

We do not compete with such institutions, they subscribe to our directories in exchange for us providing them with IT shared services.

Daily, use AllNations tools and technologies to pass messages between Job/Work institutions, their work-groups, their teams, their departments, their mentors, mentees, their sponsored startups and their apprentices, grassroots residents and their parent community organizations or sector/domain authority or data exchange partners.

Business Operational Practice 1: Strategic Process Consulting.

Obtaining and Passing on Strategy Documents from Job/Work creation partners (DEPs).

Economic or community development requires Jobs, or work. Job/Work creation operations anywhere, are informed by impeccable strategic planning processes.

Business Operational Practice 5: Partnering With In-House Specialists.

Consolidating Incoming Information & Messaging from State organs, Ministerial establishments, authorities, agencies, their departments, sections and contracted firms and consolidating it for Job/Work teams, groups, mentors, mentees and all wherever found.

Business Operational Practice 7: Global and Domestic Partnering With Dominant IT Players

Producing & Publishing Quarterly All Service Updates Arising out of DEP Archetype services, applications and technology services and solutions for all, as authorities, regulators, departments... for job/work seekers and creators.