Grassroots Community Development

Our Social Enterprise Program targets grassroots communities everywhere - especially in Africa. This, to engage everyone, all for social-economic development. If unregistered, please do so...

Grassroots Development Context

According to most dictionaries, the noun grassroots is commonly associated with:

  • The common or ordinary people, especially as contrasted with the leadership or elite of a political party, social organization, etc., the rank and file;
  • The agricultural and rural areas of a country;
  • The people inhabiting these (agricultural/rural) areas, especially as a political, social, or economic group; and
  • The origin or basis of something; the basic or primary concept, rule, part, or the like.

The definition above explains it all. For us to develop, it is agreed that grassroots communities must be supported. Every one who has dared or managed to escape from "grassroots...", must return to them to give support. In modern times, this is represented in the context diagram below.

Our Community Development Initiatives

As individuals, a day or two is set in a month to support our chosen grassroots communities - preferably at Individual and/or Household level. On such days, an administratively approved agent - always, a village or zone chief or chief or leader or head of a cluster of villages or zones, aught to lead such initiative.

Data trawling (searching thoroughly..) activities, led by household heads are conducted on such appointed days.

On "D-day", the chief gives any and all able-bodied adults resident in the community, opportunity to take the lead in jobs/works of their choosing. If community is rural, those charged with agricultural and rural development type jobs will dominate. If community is urban, entrepreneurship and urban planning practitioners are listed too. If job/work at hand belongs to or includes other sectors and domains, seek people in those sectors, domains or industries and invite them for participation and/or observation at least.

Daily, use AllNations tools and technologies to pass messages between grassroots residents and their parent community organizations or sector/domain authority or data exchange partners.

Business Operational Practice 1: Strategic Process Consulting.

Obtaining and Passing on Strategy Documents from development partners (DEPs).

Economic or community development requires that operations at grassroots are informed by impeccable strategic planning processes.

Business Operational Practice 2: Directory Publishing & Consulting.

Expanding the Cell Council with volunteers from all domains and all expertise, some operating day-to-day within Village/Cell and others on the web on the set monthly volunteer "D-day".

Business Operational Practice 5: Partnering With In-House Specialists.

Consolidating Incoming Information & Messaging

State organs, Ministerial establishments, authorities, agencies, their departments, sections and contracted firms engage a good number of specialists. We partner with them to consolidate policy and strategy messages for optimum delivery to village/cell grassroots communities.