Communication Infrastructure, Types & Channels

IoT and Infrastructure

The Internet, the nations and telcos who own and operate the satellites and fiber cables - all constitute communications infrastructure. Include modern mega Data Centers that hold Big Data - the likes of Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others who provide services. Could you do without them?

Computers and End-User-Devices

Computers and End-User-Devices are too, part of the infrastructure that concerns service providers and consumers at grassroots. All End users, need to communicate with large computers owned by Nation states, Microsoft, Google, AOL, Facebook... Do you know what BYOD means?

Communication Services

Communication tools that run on IT infrastructure include: voice, email, chat, messaging, telepresence and others. These tools are best served and consumed on website platforms. Are you still a slave to "snail" mail and/or "all voice channels..."? Use email for official communication.

Through expert web solution design and development, it is now possible to have all - communication through our voice telephony, emails, audio (radio...) and video (real time, recorded and of TV quality...) all run on the web or simple websites in addition to meetings, webinars, mobile technology apps and social media. To know how to do it securely and safely, link to Information security management pages.

Look at IT Security

Functions of authentication, authorization, identity, trust, confidentiality, integrity - always evoke one and the same thing; Security. IT Policy Management must be thorough in their production and utilization of security tools and the reporting and sharing of security bleaches.