Web Technologies - Same Channel for All Families...

Websites for Data Storage, Security and Messaging

Internet technologies are web technologies and have conquered what used to be difficult geographic and time divides. Messages within households are as swiftly passed as are messages across continents. An internet website is very much a global noticeboard as it can be a dairy notebook.

Development for the Web

If you let us have production details of your organization and the clientele you serve, AllNations will help you create your first set of websites for communications to your clientele, your partners and your staff using the web that carries all other channels across continents and persists messages like in notebooks and text books. Book libraries in monstrous buildings are and continue to be replaced by the web. What used to belong to villages and households is now available to the whole world and in the most safe and secure manner.

Army of Volunteers

Also, join the army of volunteers who on agreed days travel and connect, mostly connect to their grassroots communities (through the internet...) to play their part in the socio-economic development, or digital transformation and/or job/opportunity creation of their nations.

Look at AllNations' connected sites. We could craft such an infrastructure of connected sites for anyone within no time at a next to nothing fee.

The Tasks of Communications

In all lives, projects, tasks and sub tasks, in all endeavors, large and small, in war and peace time... the only indispensable tools are communication tools.

At AllNations, we are focused on one modern type of tool - the web. This tool develops daily, at the speed of light to encompass all the other channels - including meetings and emails!

But most importantly and even for security of all, include identity. Identity in communication channels is paramount - the channel endpoints - the devices and their owners, the data centers participating in data transfers and even the machines doing language translations and context conversions... all must be identifiable - an origin, a name, a number, a history... to be trusted.

Once your identity is established with us, begin to share your communication user stories. We too could share an insight or two!