Web Directories & Content

Directories are for everyone! Everyone who needs or wishes to collaborate with all of us - those in production and/or service provision, those who have what to give and/or those who may be on benefits!

Internet/Public Directories

Telephone books, postal address listings and yellow pages are now extinct. Create your own. Mention best times to use a communications channel (say non-office hours...) and/or preferred intentions (say for ordering an advertised product...).

Internal/Intranet Directories

Internal directories used to be published for office telephone extensions, for office doors, floors and wings in multi-level single organization buildings. Now, in the digital age, everything is being migrated to the web. The intranet makes it possible for office workers to work from home, at airports while globe trotting for business...

Extranet/Partner Directories

Published in Intranet and Extranet sites, Partner Directories may serve child and parent organizations, supplier, consultant, branch and distributor locations. Where they are well established, they serve production and marketing purposes.

You can order an intranet directory and to it add your job collaborators from the register of individuals!

One way in which we and all good people in the public can tell about the authenticity of your identity and character is to have that identity and that character (what you claim you do...) published and updated periodically in our national directories.

Visit our self listing directory of individuals.

You can order any extranet access to your data for the benefit of job collaborators from the register of individuals!