Knowledge Management & Content

Knowledge is a critically important commodity for living, working and thriving. Knowledge is, and is manifested in data, information and wisdom - all of which mean pretty the same thing. This, like any other commodity needs management. How well are you managing your knowledge? How reliably?

For a good start, every organization will set off with some information - kind of threshold data. But the most important kind of information will be generated/created by what your organization does, i.e what is being implemented in line with a correct strategic process.

Knowledge needs some organization, storage and publishing. These activities, very often utilize media. Be it Social Media, Messaging, Applications, Graphics, Art and Music, and even Radio and TV, are all facilitated by the web. Web technologies are continuously being improved upon to meet very high security requirements too. Our directory publishing consultancy services enable us to reach domestic/in-house IT and other specialists with whom we partner to provide IT managed services at a next to nothing cost (A price of less that a USD $ 1.00) per month for access to critical directory web pages is readily available for example.

While providing IT managed services and with the help of other IT specialists, AllNations is able to serve organizations and teams, large and small. Staff of these organizations holding monthly access accounts are able to have not only inexpensive web access to directories of information that is critical to their work, but could also be enjoying messaging and conducting important conversations on the web. To inform, instruct, and share knowledge effectively, you need to understand ways in which communications infrastructure drive communications channels and how communication channels fuel production and marketing or mobilization.

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At best knowledge management must ensure that information or knowledge is shared within organizations and groups - especially if such information is to be applied or needs considering in production of goods and services.