Data, Information, Knowledge... Insights = Same Thing, Value!

Intelligence in Context

Wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, insights, information - all is really data - but data within its context or context within its data.

If you are an organization, and you are not taking your data seriously, you are most likely on your way to extinction!

Taking data seriously means that you are sharing it or not sharing it with the right individuals or groups of people, that you are applying it or not applying it at all... Your family and friends, your clientele and your potential partners have something in common - need for information.

Web Publishing Consulting

But to reach a stage at which strategies bear fruit and continue to do so, companies, village and practice communities need content or information.

In technical terms, content is "Data and more..."

Data, information, knowledge and wisdom or experience are ways and means in which we keep asking questions (problems...) and crafting answers to them (solutions...).

Army of Volunteers

Also, join the army of volunteers who on agreed days travel to their grassroots communities to play their part in the socio-economic development, or digital transformation and/or job/opportunity creation of their nations.

Knowledge Acquisition, Application & Management

Any organization, large or small uses knowledge or information. This is mostly for planning and operations, but also for production, sales and marketing. Depending on your level of digital transformation, your office will have turned into a multi-task formidable tool, a desktop on a laptop, yes, better still, on a smart phone!

At AllNations, we are only looking at people data, creating informative sites and communication directories for them, tooling them to be in partnership for collaboration, and empowering them to support their grassroots - where ever they may be!

Collaboration begins with sharing of knowledge and "knowledge management" user stories.