Requirements, Work & Data

Processing, Visualization and Analytics

Turning data into machine readable format, is the foundation of information technology and increasingly, technology in general. Data is used to represent knowledge, visualize information, drive automation, feed machine learning and execute transactions. Learn programming.

Value/Benefit for Desired Features

Only problem owners and their domain specialists understand and describe such problems and concerns - so that ultimately problems end up into pleasing solutions (products, systems, services...). Groups of IT specialists (Analysts, Data Engineers, Architects...) may then team-up to deliver.

User Stories in User Roles

Under Agile Manifesto, problems are taken small at a time and solutions done simple! Problem owners craft their stories. All others consult to create and build something that works for those owners. Story template: As a <owner/role/who..>, I can <capability/goal...>, so that <receive benefit>

The exercise of gathering knowledge (Data, Information, Experience...) together for ultimate exploitation never ends but at some stage, some solutions need retiring, or improving or updating and the best place to start is from data/information/knowledge/experience from that very solution. So, where a digital culture is in the making, organizations move from solution to solution. Today's solutions contribute most to tomorrow's solutions. To learn more about user stories (most requirements work start from well thought out stories...), and link to solutions.