System & User Requirements

User Stories for Requirements

All needs, problems , requirements, concerns, pains, gains,and all, are best known by those who own them and their (domain) experts.

Cultivating Domestic Partnerships

There is unlimited potential for enterprises that are able to bring their IT and Domain specialists together.

Global dominant IT players provide very attractive, and very often free IT resources for startups and other enterprises that promise collaboration on intent and data.

Civil Service Volunteers

Also, join the army of civil servants, elected representatives and individual volunteer leaders who seek to better livelihoods for their chosen grassroots but lack information. Then on agreed days travel and connect, mostly connect to their grassroots communities (through the internet...) to play their part in the socio-economic development, or digital transformation and/or job/opportunity creation of their nations.

Request for access to our grassroots websites and create user stories for yourself, your friends, your relations and immediate community at grassroots. Submit a user story.

Application Requirements Complexities

The most difficult part of software development is the management of software requirements. When the approach is user stories for agile development, we utilize ....

Here, the groups and teams must be really experienced. They will turn .... into stories that simplify coding by developers and for each appropriate group/team provide a continuously growing backlog (pending work...) for developers.