Web/Data Pages that Open for You and those You Choose!

Access Credentials and Accountability

For individuals, to obtain credentials to your own data must be the most important objective. For organizations however, especially national, professional and grassroots that group us into communities of interests (CoIs), creation of protected sites, monitoring usage and exchange, assignment of value to data and access policies may be some of the higher needs of society. So be informed in respect to your responsibility and right of participation. Be accountable too.

Information Security Management

Consider that there will be varying needs for access to data, information and knowledge and that some will be confidential, restricted and/or even secret depending on roles and value of intent!

To the utilization of the knowledge resources you may have garnered, captured, researched, created, accumulated, bought..., have it all secured first.

Then use it! The value of information or data grows with application or utilization.

Army of Volunteers

Also, join the army of volunteers who apply for and obtain credentials to data in their grassroots localities in exchange for adding to its value for the public good. Then on agreed days travel and connect, mostly connect to their grassroots communities (through the internet...) to play their part in the socio-economic development, or digital transformation and/or job/opportunity creation of their nations.

Apply to your grassroots locality for access credentials. Be a data warrior for your household, your village, your community.

To the Role, Add Function - Job

In job and/or work environments, the important thing about strategy, knowledge and its communication is neither name and number, nor history and source - but function, job or capability if/when established.

So, at AllNations, for our directories, we mostly capture the very common communication channels and if/when permitted by self or authority, the function, responsibility or certified capability of the individual.

Any one who holds a full time job and is occupied at least 8 hrs a day, is a source of rich "systemic user stories..." but best stories are originated by leaders and senior managers or a combination of them (in the domains...). IT specialists implement them.

Likelihood & Impact

Sometimes depicted as "Ease and Damage", they are determined by reference to industry and operational data. Only then is it possible to estimate risk and determine capability gaps.