System Solutions & Solutions for Users

User Stories for Requirements

With a little in requirements, or some user requirements, you can actually come up with a few solutions for a few users, some of the times and from limited web places; in these modern times such are known as apps other than applications.

To come up with solutions that are good for communities of people, you need to think of systems, ecosystems and solutions that serve them.

Partnering with Dominant IT Players

Global dominant IT players provide very attractive, and very often free IT resources for startups and other enterprises that promise collaboration on intent and data but you also have domestic IT players who are not only dominant but are also best resourced to serve the communities to which we belong. Examples would include telecom operators. To contribute data, devices, connectivity... or any other resource to local/grassroots communities, please register yourself.

Civil Service Volunteers

Also, join the army of civil servants, elected representatives and individual volunteer leaders who seek to better livelihoods for their chosen grassroots but lack a channel for the same. Then on agreed days travel and connect, mostly connect to their grassroots communities (through the internet...) to play their part in the socio-economic development, or digital transformation and/or job/opportunity creation of their nations.

Request for access to our grassroots websites and participate in provision of computers and other resources for yourself, your friends, your relations and immediate community at grassroots. Request for access.

The Systems, the Applications & the Apps