Engage us in Specific Stages of Your Strategic Process

Areas of Focus

Some private sector organizations do not engage in strategic thinking and process, they remain ineffective and soon perish.

If you are a public service organization, you are probably required to publish your vision, mission and values.

You need to mention a few, general areas of focus - that may be indicative of what concerns your operations and what resources you need to garner.

Engaging AllNations

If you or any of your staff wish to engage AllNations strategy team on how to move/transition from mission/vision to programs, projects, tasks and reporting, subscribe massively to our directories. Use this form to list the names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers of all your organization's owners/executives, departmental managers, partners, production staff, major clients... all those whose existence/functions impact your strategy! Register many people and let us know if we could partner to advance our strategies.

Army of Volunteers

Also, join the army of volunteers who on agreed days travel to their grassroots communities to play their part in the socio-economic development, or digital transformation and/or job/opportunity creation of their nations.

Look at AllNations' focus areas. We could craft such a page for you at your next board/corporate meeting at a next to nothing fee.

The year's Strategic Imperatives

For each organization that implements a strategic process, each year has a few strategic imperatives (do not exceed three...) and once established, proceed in haste to draft project proposals for the owning organization. Within projects, establish tasks, and if in the modern age, decide on digital tools to take on those tasks and track successes and failures and lessons therefrom.

For AllNations, the strategic imperatives are:

(1) Data trawling for community sites and directories publishing;

(2) Forging productivity partnerships for provision of IT managed services; and

(3) Social enterprise: Freely consulting for grassroots communities.

At AllNations, Sunday afternoons focuses on strategy. Our Telecom, Village and Domain sites share "User Stories" on Strategy.